Future Students

Registration for High School Completion, GED, ABE, and ESL classes

  • Individuals looking to earn their diploma can come in Mon-Thur from noon to 7pm to register for next school year.
  • GED, ESL, and ABE classes will have registration for this school year up until April 19th.
    • Please feel free to come in Mon-Thur from noon to 7pm to register.

Registration fees and age regulations: 

  • High School Completion Classes: Free for students under 22, as of Sept 1st 2019, $7/class for students 22 and older
  • GED Classes: $30 for students 18 and older
  • ESL Classes: $30 first time registration fee and $7/class for returning students
  • Students under 18 have a different enrollment process.  Their parents/guardians must turn in a Registration Packet prior to registration, and the students and parents must meet with Asher staff for an interview.  Call 734-246-4633 for more information.

*You will need to take an entrance exam to start, so expect to spend 2 hours at registration. Bring I.D. and applicable fees.